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Human dynamics is the foundation upon which people work together. Awareness about self and others is the key to improved communication and career success. Productivity is greatly increased (research says by 20%) when the lubricant of effective human interaction is regularly practiced.
OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: Southwest Training Institute helps people and organizations become more effective and productive through a system of workshops and/or facilitated discussions that are learner-centered, adult-focused, and skill based. This system has helped companies, large and small, more than double their employee performance and productivity.


Fortune Magazine found that workplace learning was a common thread in the "100 Best Companies to Work For".

The Consortium for Research on Workplace Intelligence recently concluded that emotional intelligence (collaboration, listening, flexibility, feedback, receptivity, etc.) contribute more toward workplace achievement than technical skills and cognitive ability combined.

The Innovator Newsletter reported a benchmarking study (of more than 200 companies across 16 countries spanning six continents) that concluded innovation & creativity, teamwork, customer service, problem solving, adaptive skills, shared leadership, and communication were the top ten competencies necessary for success over the next five years.

10 Good Reasons To Schedule In-House Training and Meeting Facilitation

SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. It is expensive to develop, administer, and deliver excellent training programs. The cost of a poorly run meeting is astronomical. It is sometimes difficult for an internal person to deliver training or facilitate meetings in an emotionally-charged environment. We can do the work and you can get fast results. The focus will be on the needs of your organization and your people, not just generic information. You will experience measurable improvements and behavioral changes when many employees absorb new ideas and learn new methods at the same time.

  1. Save money on the cost of individual tuition, travel, and expenses.
  2. Programs/meetings can be customized to fit your unique requirements.
  3. Tackle some real problems during the training program or meeting.
  4. Programs can be scheduled at your convenience--time and location.
  5. Everyone will learn to use consistent methods and speak the same language.
  6. Your entire group will become productive quickly.
  7. New skills will be practiced as a team or group during the Workshop.
  8. Your employees can stay on top of important functions because they will be close to the office and at home during the evening rather than "on the road".
  9. Our learning products will pay for themselves many times over-you will get real value for your investment.
  10. OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE: To provide your employees with the best training and meeting facilitation that they have ever experienced. 
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