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Technical Curriculum

Ken Wenzl Category Topic
Courses as of 2/3/2014 BI Agile_Data_Warehouse_ETL_Projects
  BI Data_Analysis_Design_BI_Data_Warehouse_Systems
  BI Data_Integration_Techniques_ETL_Alternatives_Data_Consolidation
  BI Data_Quality_Fundamentals
  BI Data Warehouse_Design_Implementation_Developers
  BI Data_Warehouse_Concepts_Intro
  BI Data_Warehouse_Testing_Fundamentals
  BI Dimensional Data Modeling
  BI Dimensional_Data_Modeling_Intro_Requirements_to_Businesss_Analysis
  BI Oracle_BI_Enterprise_Edition11g_Build_Repositories
  BI Oracle_BI_Enterprise_Edition11g_Reports_Dashboards
  BI Oracle_Database11g_Data_Warehousing_Warehouse_Builder
  BI Oracle11g_SQL_Performance_Tuning_Data_Warehouses
  BI PerformancePoint
  BI SharePoint 2010 BI with Performancce Point and Report Builder
  BI SQL_Server_2008_Analysis Services
  BI SQL_Server_2008_Integration Services
  BI SQL_Server_2008_Multi Dimensional eXpressions
  BI SQL_Server_2008_Reporting Services
  BI SQL_Server_Performance_Tuning_Data_Warehouses
  data XML_Fundamentals
  date XML_WebServices
  DB IBM DB2_udb
  DB MS SQL Database_Access ID management for DB2_Informix_Sybase_SQL Server_Oracle
  DB MS SQL Server Database_System Administration
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_Active_Passive_Cluster_mgmt
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_advanced_TSQL
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008 Analysis Services with MDX
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_DBA_Bootcamp_For_Oracle_DBAs
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008 Integration Services
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008 Performance Tuning
  Windows OS PowerShell
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_PowerShell
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_Query_Tuning
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008 Reporting Services
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_SQL_Advanced
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_SQL_Intermediate
  DB MS SQL_Server_2008_SQL_Intro
  DB MS SQL_Server_2012 Administration
  DB MS SQL_Server_2012 BI Data Warehouses
  DB MS SQL_Server_2012 BI Overview
  DB MS SQL_Server_2012 BI Developers
  DB MS SQL_Server_2012 SSIS
  DB MS SQL_Server_NET
  DB MS SQL_Server_VBScript
  DB Oracle Oracle_10g_development
  DB Oracle Oracle_10g_Forms_I
  DB Oracle Oracle_10g_Forms_II
  DB Oracle Oracle_10g_RAC
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_DBA_Bootcamp_for_SQL_Server_DBAs
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_Performace_Tuning
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_plsql
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_PLSQL_adv
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_SQL_Advanced
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_SQL_Intermediate
  DB Oracle Oracle_11G_SQL_Intro
  DB Oracle Oracle_Database_10g
  DB Oracle Oracle_SQL_Query_Tuning
  DB Oracle Oracle XML
  Language Advanced C++
  Language AJAX
  Language Axis2_Advanced
  Language Axis2_Java_Web_Services
  Language RESTful Web Services
  Language C Sharp Advanced
  Language C Sharp Intermediate
  Language C Sharp Introduction
  Language CXF for Web Services
  Language EJB3 Development
  Language Groovy and Grails Boot Camp for Programmers
  Language Java Programming_for Mainframe_Programmers
  Language Java Programming_OOP_Programmers
  Language Java RealTime
  Language Java Server Faces_DEVELOPMENT
  Language Java Web Development
  Language Java_Advanced_Programming_for_Programmers
  Language Java_Intro_using Rad
  Language Java Performance Tuning
  Language Java_programming
  Language JEE Web Application Development
  Language Java_WebServices
  Language Javafx_advanced
  Language Javafx_basic
  Language JavaServer Faces
  Language RichFaces
  Language JDBC_SQL
  Language .NET with Csharp
  Language .NET New_Features
  Language Open_ASPNET
  Language Hibernate_Development
  Language Spring_Hibernate_Development
  Language SpringFramework_V2_5
  Language SpringFramework_V3
  Language SpringFramework_V3 Advanced
  Language SQL_JDBC
  Language Struts 1 & 2
  Language VB.Net Advanced
  Language VB.Net Intermediate
  Language VB.Net introduction
  Language Web_services_Development_using_RAD
  Language XAML
  Mainframe IMS DB/DC Application Programming
  Mainframe CICS Command Level Programming
  Mainframe COBOL Intro to Enterprise
  Mainframe COBOL_I_II_III
  Mainframe IMS_db_prog
  Mainframe IMS_dbdc_prog
  Mainframe JCL
  Mainframe Mainframe Computing_intro
  Mainframe Mainframe Six Week Bootcamp
  Mainframe OMEGAMON
  Mainframe TSO_ISPF
  Methods Agile Essentials for Developers
  Methods Agile_Principles
  Methods Analysis_Design_ProjectManagementTechniques
  Methods Function_points
  Methods JAD_Facilitator_Workshop
  Methods JAD_Orientation
  Methods JAD_Participants_Workshop
  Methods Model Driven Development
  Methods Microsoft Project Introduction
  Methods Scrum for Product Owners
  Methods Scrum for Scrum Masters
  Methods Business Requirements Gathering
  Methods Teach The Teacher
  Misc Data Storage_Intro
  Misc Google Web Toolkit_for_Developers
  Misc Graphical_User_Interface Design
  Misc Infopath
  Modeling DataModeling_Conceptual
  Modeling DataModeling_Logical
  Modeling DataModeling_Physical
  Modeling OO_Analysis and Design with UML
  Modeling OO_Analysis_Rose
  Modeling OO_Design_Patterns
  Modeling OO_technology_overview
  Modeling UML2_Diagrams
  Server Websphere Application Server Admin
  Server Websphere Application Server Developers
  Server WebLogic 11G Administration
  Server WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer
  Sever WebSphere Portal and JSF Portlets Development
  Server Web Service Description Language (WSDL) definition and Usage
  Server ServiceMix and Camel Integration
  Server Liferay Portal Server and development of Portals
  SharePoint SharePoint 2007 - Using Windows SharePoint Services with Outlook 2007
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2003_site_admin
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_Administrators
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Advanced with C Sharp and VB.net
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Designer_DataWorkflow
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Designer_Design
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Designer_Workflow
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_Enterprise_Server_Publishing
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_Executives
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Intermediate
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_MOSS_Administration
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_MOSS_Features
  SharePoint SharePoint_2007_MOSS_for_Engineers
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_PowerUsers_siteAdmin
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_Sampler
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2007_SQL_Database_Usage
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_Designer
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_Developer_FastTrack
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_Development_VisualStudio with C Sharp and VB.Net
  SharePoint Sharepoint_2010_EndUsers
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_Master_Tech (Advanced)
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_NewFeatures
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_Site_Admin
  SharePoint SharePoint_2010_System_Admin_ITPros
  SharePoint SharePoint 2013 New Features
  SharePoint SharePoint_Project_Management
  Testing Software Testing - Basic
  Testing Software Testing for the Web
  Testing Software Testing_Management
  Testing Software_Test_Estimation
  Testing Software_Testing_Bootcamp_I
  Testing Software_Testing_Bootcamp_II
  Testing Software_Testing_Considerations_BAs
  Testing Software_Testing_Considerations_Developers
  Testing Jmeter
  Testing Selenium
  Tools RAD 8.5
  Tools RAD 7.5
  Tools Rational Functional Tester
  Tools Toad
  Tools Toad for Data Analysts
  Util Ant (Another neat tool)
  Util Maven