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Description:  We have highly-experienced presenters that can effectively deliver a program at your organizational meetings and conferences.  With a combined total of more than 60 years of professional delivery experience, our Associates are able to deliver an informative, interactive, and polished presentation that not only enhances knowledge but changes attitudes and practices.

TopicsWe have many already prepared presentations and, with a little notice, we can develop a dynamic and interesting program on almost any topic.  Some of our most-requested topics include:

1.    Personal Branding – ME, Inc.
2.    Creativity Within Organizations
3.    Develop the Leader in You
4.    Consulting Skills & Techniques
5.    Facilitating Ideation Sessions
6.    Time Management—It’s More Than ABC Priorities
7.    Leadership-TeamBuilding
8.    Change Management That Motivates
9.    10 Steps to Effective Negotiation
10.  Stress Management—Four Resources That Work
11.  Ten Steps to Effective Supervision
12.  Listening for Effective Communication
13.  How to REALLY Work Together and Accomplish Goals
14.  Leadership is MORE than management
15.  TeamBuildingTakes More Than Just YOU
16.  Coaching and Mentoring Skills
17.  Cross-Functional Training That Really Works
18.  Communication Skills That Create Satisfaction
19.  Meeting Management That Works
20.  Ethics & Compliance Issues
21.  Conflict Resolution—It’s Just About People
22.  How to Achieve Work Expectations
23.  Problem Solving and Decision Making
24.  Managing People, Process, and Performance
25.  Employee Retention Tools
26.  Recruiting and the Positive Interview
27.  Performance Appraisal That Works
28.  Positive Discipline is NOT an Oxymoron
29.  Building Trust and Respect


30.  Customer Communication Skills
31.  Body Language Counts—How To Read It
32.  Customer Service Skills and Techniques
33.  Telephone Skills & Techniques
34.  How to Resolve Workplace Anger
35.  Attitudes and Values—The Engine of Behavior
36.  Understanding Self and Others—It Just Takes You
37.  Presentation Skills That Impress
38.  Sexual Harassment—First Prevent it
39.  Diversity—It’s More Than Race and Gender

BIOGRAPHY:   Mary Jo Huardis the Owner of Southwest Training Institute, a training and consulting company, founded in 1988, and based in Fort Worth, Texas.  Prior to starting her own company, she worked for Texas Instruments in the field of training and organizational effectiveness where she was a sought-after internal facilitation expert and consultant and was awarded their prestigious Quality Excellence Award. Today, she works with companies, large and small, in the area of creativity and innovation, team development, communications, and leadership.  A frequent speaker in the Dallas area and a participating member in both local and national organizations, she has earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and informative presenter regularly enjoying high attendance figures and strong performance feedback.  She is a frequent contributing author to various organizational newsletters.  Ms. Huard holds a BS degree in Education and Business and an MA in Counseling and Personnel.  She has been certified by Edward de Bono to deliver his Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Power of Perception, and Six Value Medals creativity-innovation programs.


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