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ProStar Coaching Tools

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What is ProStar Coach?

ProStar Coach for Professional Development is a totally new kind of online subscription service that will transform the way you help employees or clients improve skills, practices, and habits.

ProStar Coach combines assessment, development, coaching and reinforcement programs into a single unified resource. It’s a self-paced, self-directed system for long-term follow-through that helps learners ingrain skills over time. It's like giving a participant a 24/7 personal coach.

Learners work on one skill or one personal strength at a time, as they apply best practices with the people they work with every day. They access learning resources anytime, anywhere and as often as needed to make real changes in their behavior.   

There are four versions of ProStar Coach--the ultimate virtual coaching system for personal and professional development.  Each ProStar Coach one-year subscription is $325 per learner. 

1.   PROSTAR STRONG FOR SUCCESS:  If you are a HIGH ACHIEVER who’s pursuing personal growth, if you are between careers and you want to achieve extraordinary results in your life.  Find out what highly successful people do that others don’t.

2.   PROSTAR STRONG FOR BUSINESS:  Helping entrepreneurs build core strengths to win big.  Designed for ENTREPRENEURS or SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS who want to achieve something big.  Discover the three difference-makers that propel entrepreneurs to the top.

3.   PROSTAR STRONG FOR PERFORMANCE:  If you are a current or future EXECUTIVE, MANAGER, HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL, or HIGH POTENTIAL in the corporate, government or non-profit world, and you want to make sure your developmental programs actually change behavior.  Discover why you may be pouring money down a hole without realizing it.   

4.   PROSTAR STRONG FOR PARENTING:  If you are a PARENT of a tween or teen, and you want to help your child grow up to be a happy, successful and independent adult.  Learn how to give your child a huge edge in life.

PROSTAR ENTERPRISE ($795, one-time fee):  If you are a COACH, CONSULTANT or TRAINER, and you want your clients or employees to achieve the results they’re looking for.  Find out why your clients don’t always implement what you teach them. ProStar Enterprise will allow the consultant or coach to administrate multiple subscriptions of ProStar under one umbrella.  Localized content can be added to personalize the learning environment. 

Individual one-year subscription access ($325) to ProStar Coach provides:

  • 24/7 access to ProStar for one year
  • A step-by-step method for developing new habits
  • 24 people skill videos with exercises and resources
  • 8 types of multi-media exercises for 40 personal strength areas
  • A virtual personal trainer that guides you to take action and learn from your experiences
  • Coaching and feedback from real people who care about your success
  • A secure, confidential archive for all your completed exercises
  • Ability to ask for feedback, with input reported anonymously

Structured Sessions That Remove The Guesswork:

  • 30 daily sessions, to help you focus on one personal strength and one people skill
  • Weekly “High Fives” with 5 valuable tips and insights to keep you on track for a full year

Virtual Coaching 24/7 with…

  • A step-by-step method for developing new habits
  • Two dozen people skills videos with exercises and resources
  • 8 types of multi-media exercises for 40 personal strength areas
  • A virtual personal trainer that guides you to take action and learn from your experiences
  • A secure, confidential archive for all your completed exercises

Coaching from REAL people…

  • Set up your own private Coaching Network of individuals who care about your success
  • Ask for feedback, suggestions, and advice

ASSESSMENTS - Identify #1 area for development.

Learners pinpoint one specific skill area or one personal strength behavior pattern to improve on the job. After the self-assessment, they get an online report suggesting areas within ProStar to work on.

Later, after the behavior becomes an ingrained habit, they can focus on other areas. Personal development is a journey, not an event, and ProStar Coach will be there for them.

TRAINING VIDEOS introduce and reinforce critical skills.

Each of the 18 reality-based videos focuses on how to perform the skill on the job, featuring the best of what’s been learned during the past forty years.  Never before have these skills been combined in a single series. The videos are supplemented by an audio version and job aids summarizing key points and tips.

EXERCISES relate best practices to their work.

The Success Tools area features eight learning resources that provide coaching on 40 different behavior patterns. Fresh content streams to the learner daily and weekly. Exercises relate this material to their work and suggest follow-up actions. All exercises can be archived for later reinforcement.

A Private COACHING NETWORK provides peer coaching.

This unique hybrid of social networking (learning community) and forum technology supplements the built-in virtual coaching with input from real people who care about the individual’s development, such as managers, coworkers, team members, training co-participants, coaches and others who share information, feedback, coaching, advice and encouragement.

Users can even gather micro-feedback by asking network members straightforward questions such as, “What one area of my leadership should I be working on right now? Please suggest two ways for me to improve what I’m doing.”

And YOU can even add customized content by including links to your proprietary material in a special area within ProStar!

ProStar Coach Enterprise(Administrator Module) is a 24/7 online learning and development system.  Individual users can access thousands of multi-media resources for assessing and building people skills and personal strengths. Its unique reinforcement structure creates lasting changes in behavior for improved performance.  With the Administrator Module ($795 one-time fee) you can:

  • Brand the program with your name and logo
  • Import names and email addresses
  • Assign and manage user subscriptions
  • Set up user groups and pre-assign group members to each other’s Coaching Networks
  • Monitor program usage by user
  • Add links to your own custom content
  • Send messages to users by group
  • Assign administrator rights to other users

The Enterprise module also includes a single one-year user subscription to ProStar for the administrator.  Additional one-year individual ProStar Coach subscriptions are $325 per user.  A 20% discount is available to education, government, and non-profit client organizations.

“ProStar Coach Really Helps You To Grow, Expand And Stay Focused On Your Goals.”

“I love the ProStar Coach system and think it is wonderful for people who want the extra push to improve their performance.  It helps get your mind working and stimulated to consider options you might not think about.  ProStar Coach really helps you to grow, expand and stay focused on your goals. I especially liked that it helped me identify what I’m doing well and what I need to work on.”