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Unfocused meetings is the #1 reason for feeling unproductive at work (USA Poll). In this day and age of making things happen...in less time, ahead of the competition, with fewer resources and within budget, this is simply not acceptable.  Businesses must get the best thinking from project teams called to:

  • Develop strategies
  • Create new products/services
  • Re-engineer processes
  • Solve problems
  • Lead the organization
  • Motivate-Support change

Regardless of the issue or needed result, at Southwest Training Institute we are focused on getting the best thinking the group has to offer--in the amount of time available--without getting stuck in the normal meeting traps that drain resources and frustrate participants.

The cost of a poorly run meeting is astronomical.  We have all experienced those time-wasting, adversarial meetings, where bickering and argument is the norm, and ideas are almost immediately “shot-down”.  Unfortunately, the type of meeting WITHOUT actionable results is all too common.  Ineffective meetings are considered the #1 time waster in today’s work environment.  Our meeting techniques result in the collaborative exploration of any topic or issue and result in concrete, actionable steps.  The results of a productive, efficiently run meeting can save thousands of dollars, create new ideas that help a company achieve greater success, solve major problems, and create an atmosphere that motivates all involved.


  • Better considered, more creative strategies to create growth (rather than the “same old, same old”).
  • Team walks away with alignment on key issues including core purpose, desired future state, organizational values, and current reality.
  • The creation of a tactical work plan and next steps so that everyone in the organization knows what to do in order to achieve growth and goals.
  • Improved efficiency of meeting and maximized use of participant’s time & energy.
  • Facilitated structure to ensure all voices are heard, politics are minimized and all cultures are engaged.
  • The team members will also gain insights into their problem solving style and how it impacts the team.
  • Teams learn how to function together more effectively.
  • Teams emerge far more effective due to skills learned.
  • Teams have increased capacity to create incredibly valuable work for the organization.

It is often difficult for an internal employee to effectively facilitate and actively contribute in a highly emotional meeting.  This is where a Professional Facilitator's knowledge and experience can make a difference.  At Southwest Training Institute, Mary Jo Huard*, a Certified Professional Facilitator-Instructor, can lead you and your organization through all types of meetings.  Using creative thinking and meeting management tools, your group can work through important issues and achieve results in an efficient, effective manner and in usually less than HALF the time.  We can help plan the agenda focus and lead ideation sessions, corporate retreats, process redesign, or strategic planning meetings.  We can assist your company with problem solving, decision making, change management, and new product development.

We use a structured process that helps your group plan and conduct an effective exchange of ideas that involves every member (including the quietest members), even when the topic is sensitive and emotionally charged. Our practices reduce the “power” struggle that most meetings present and result in 100% participation.  We’ve been told that our meetings make it “safe” to speak up and share opinions.  Our methods produce collaborative discussions that result in actionable outcomes.  We effectively facilitate group discussions that enhance participants' awareness, understanding, collaboration, and communication that result in:

  • Purposeful, productive meetings and discussions
  • Quickly capture a group's best thinking
  • Surface new ideas and solutions
  • Arouse questions that stimulate candid feedback and discussion

We energize problem solving with a process that builds active participation and teamwork. Our techniques promote creativity and productively channels diverse ideas into consensus decisions everyone can own and support.  We use methods that:

  • Tap rational and intuitive thought processes
  • Integrate diverse ideas
  • Generate practical and creative solutions
  • Develop group consensus

We quickly and rapidly pull together an effective plan, organize needed resources, and mobilize individuals' energy into action.  Our results:

  • Analyze the current reality
  • Identify the foundation of the problem
  • Create a practical solution plan
  • Maximize group involvement and commitment

Please call Toll Free (1-888-978-6632) or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information about bringing a Southwest Training Institute facilitator in-house to lead one of your upcoming meetings.  Please visit our Website: www.swtinstitute.com for more information about meeting facilitation, assessments, and the many learning products, services, and workshop topics that we can customize and provide for your organization.

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