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Leadership Solutions

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Leadership Solutions Curriculum

Southwest Training Institute’s Leadership Solutions  teaches your managers & supervisors how to bring teams together – to improve productivity—to focus on behavior and not attitudes – to deal with facts and not opinions – to create a climate of open communication.  Prepare tomorrow’s leaders (your managers & supervisors) today to deal with the challenges of tomorrow with our Leadership Solutions Curriculum.

The courseware publisher, Vital Learning (formerly McGraw-Hill Learning Systems) has been at the forefront of management development training for more than 20 years.  Millions of people have benefited from this training.  Our training is effective because participants see the new skills, practice the new skills, and most importantly, transfer the new skills to their work and apply them to their job.

All modules include pre-test, post-tests and multiple skill practices.  Each can be customized to reflect your specific business or industry.  New behavioral videos (Medical, office, & industrial formats) in all new modules represent today’s workplace environments and scenarios.

Southwest Training Institute is a training resource company providing the world's leading range of instructor-led workshops, online courseware, behavioral learning instruments, feedback & coaching, and overall training processes.  Since 1988, our award-winning programs have successfully helped organizations develop their supervisors and managers.  We offer the most comprehensive and practical curriculum for building the management skill set required by 21st century managers and supervisors.

Our customers tell us that our training really works because it enables a change in behavior that drives improved business results.  Let us help you take the first step toward creating successful managers and more productive and profitable work environments.  Titles 1-12 are available in both English & Spanish.

Delivery Options Include Instructor-Led Classroom and/or Online for a TRUE Blended Learning Capability.

1.  Essential Skills of Leadership - Managers and team leaders will be able to:

Maintain and Enhance Team Member Self-Esteem:  This is probably the single most important skill a manager or team leader can have. It is the ability to provide direction, evaluate performance, correct work habits, deal with complaints, and resolve conflicts while supporting a team member’s sense of self-respect and dignity.  Focus on Behavior:  Problems on the job are solved more effectively and less stressfully when managers and team leaders deal with what people do rather than with their attitudes or personal characteristics.  Encourage Team Member Participation:  Involving team members in decision-making, problem solving, and other non-routine, on-the-job activities are one of the manager’s or team leader’s key motivational tools.

2.  Essential Skills of Communicating - Managers and team leaders will be able to:

Create a Climate of Open Communication:  The bedrock of good communication is openness—the extent to which the organization and its people support the free exchange of open, honest communication. Openness contributes more to a positive communication climate than any other factor.  Design Clear, Concise Messages:  Messages that are well designed are clear and concise. Managers and team leaders need to organize their thoughts and speak to each team member’s level of understanding.  Manage Nonverbal Behaviors Effectively:  Voice tone, intonation, facial expressions, gestures, and posture are some of the nonverbal factors that managers and team leaders must understand and learn to use for effective communication.  Listen to Communicate:  Effective communication cannot take place without effective listening, which includes the ability to reflect, probe, support, and advise.

3.  Coaching Job Skills - Upon completion of this module, the team leader will have the skills to conduct a meeting with a team member on how to perform a job, task or skill. The team leader will also learn how to distinguish between performance problems that require coaching and those that can best be handled by some other means.

4.  Communicating Up - Most managers and team leaders realize the importance of upward communication, but few accept the responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of communicating with their own managers. Managers and team leaders will learn how to frame communication so that a desired result is achieved.

5.  Managing Complaints - As the leaders on the front line, managers and team leaders are often the first to hear team member complaints. And though sometimes they may seem to they may seem to be unimportant, each complaint should be addressed and resolved. This module shows how to resolve simple complaints and identify the “hidden agendas” that so often underlie the chronic grievances.

6.  Delegating - This module gives valuable insights into and practice of the “Three W’s” of effective delegation: When should team leaders delegate? Whom should they delegate to?; and What explanation should they give to team members? Delegating also shows how to use delegation as a motivational tool, and improve team members’ skills.

7.  Developing Performance Goals and Standards - Unless your managers and team leaders are successful in spelling out the organization’s specific goals, their team members are not going to know how to meet those objectives. This module shows trainees how to establish specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented, and time-framed performance standards. It then illustrates the steps that gain team member agreement and commitment to those performance standards.

8.  Effective Discipline - Most of us dislike having to discipline team members. Discipline team members because feelings can be easily hurt and resentment can linger for a long time. The skills your managers and team leaders will learn in Effective Discipline will preserve team members’ self respect and egos while changing the unacceptable behavior. This process encourages the best kind of discipline-self-discipline. It also motivates team members to accomplish their goals and work well within the organization. 
9.  Improving Work Habits - Absenteeism . . . Repeated tardiness . . . Conduct . . .Attitude.  If your team leaders are faced with these or other work habit issues, this module will show them how to address these issues. Merely quoting company regulations to the noncompliant worker will not solve the problem. The truly effective team leader immediately addresses poor work habits in a supportive, non-threatening way.

10. Providing Performance Feedback - This module shows the way evaluation is done by the experts. First, relevant performance standards are established. Then, the team member’s own performance evaluation is solicited. This accomplished, the stage is set for a summary evaluation that will be clear and credible to the team member.

11. Resolving Conflicts - Whenever people work together, conflicts arise. They may be simple misunderstandings that your managers and team leaders can clear up. Or they may reveal subtle, but pervasive, morale problems that threaten to tear the delicate fabric of your organization. This module shows managers and team leaders how to explore a conflict and get to the heart of the problem to correct it before it’s too late.

12. Supporting Change - As the link between management goals and the frontline labor force, the manager or team leader is the key to supporting change. Dealing with the “comfort level” of team members and involving them in detailed discussions will facilitate their acceptance of new ways of doing things. This module shows managers and team leaders how to introduce change without inducing defensive reactions.

13. Hiring Winning Talent - Hiring Winning Talent provides the processes and tools required to master the art and science of identifying and winning great new employees - those that will perform in the top 20%.

14. Motivating Team Members - Motivating Team Members helps managers learn the four stages to influence a team member to perform a task while creating a work environment that will motivate higher performance.  This program helps leaders understand the complex idea of motivation and what they can do to motivate team members.  It demonstrates to leaders methods to use to influence individual and team performance.  Motivating Team Members provides a clear, specific, and actionable plan of action for what to do once participants return to their job.  It helps leaders understand what they can do to create an improved work environment that will motivate members of their team.

15. Solving Workplace Problems - Teaches a process for solving problems that helps managers and all employees understand that by working together – looking at things with a new perspective -they can be creative and innovative in solving problems. Through structured activities, participants learn how to define problems, identify blocks to creativity, and develop skills and create strategies to plan creative solutions.

16. Leading Successful Projects - Leading Successful Projects provides the structure, process, and tools necessary to master the art and science of project management. The program enables managers to identify and work with the key variables that impact how projects are defined, planned and implemented. (Classroom only)

17. Retaining Winning Talent  - Retaining Winning Talent helps team leaders accept that, in the majority of situations, team members quit their team leader, not their organization.  Then, Retaining Winning Talent helps that leader take productive steps to retain team members. (Classroom only)

18. Developing and Coaching Others – Developing and Coaching Others is about how managers can effectively and successfully develop and coach their team members to become better and more consistent performers. The program will help your managers learn the specifics of how they can effectively impact the learning process and coaching moments of their teams to make the difference.  Both Team Leader & Senior Management Leader versions are available.


TURN-KEY INSTRUCTOR KITS:  Our Leadership Solutions Curriculum includes 18 titles.   Sixteen of the 18 titles are available as both Instructor-Led and Online formats.  Each of the 18 courses can be taught in a half-day format with the exception of Hiring Winning Talent (1 day), Retaining Winning Talent (1 day), & Leading Successful Projects (2 days) - although these three titles can be chunked into smaller segments. You can own all 18 programs for $5,400 or $300-$400 per individual title.   There are NO Mandatory Certification Workshops; optional Train-the-Trainer workshops are available. 

Our Instructor Kits are 95% complete; you provide that last 5% to make them exactly yours.   Each Instructor Kit comes with a fully-scripted facilitation guide, interactive Skill Practice segments (that you can customize), targeted Trouble-Shooting Guide, customizable PowerPoint slideshow, "reminder" cards (job aids) that are useful for effective workplace application, and more.   The instructor Kits are complete "turn-key" with behavioral videos (medical, office & industrial formats).  All of our learning materials are professionally developed with adult learning theory in mind using quality design elements. 


Leadership Solutions Curriculum


Essential Skills of Leadership


Essential Skills of Communicating


Improving Work Habits


Effective Discipline


Resolving Conflicts


Communicating Up


Managing Complaints


Developing Performance Goals & Standards


Supporting Change


Coaching Job Skills


Providing Performance Feedback




Motivating Team Members


Solving Workplace Problems


Leading Successful Projects


Hiring Winning Talent


Retaining Winning Talent


Developing & Coaching Others, Team Leader Version (or Senior Leader Version)



ONLINE COURSEWARE:  Currently, 16 of 18 Leadership titles (titles in Blue) have a "corresponding" set of Online Courses for a genuine Blended Learning capability.  Our entire online courseware library reflects current views and the latest online technology.  Clients use the online as pre-work (to shorten classroom delivery by 50%), for post-classroom reinforcement learning, and/or for a distributed learning audience.  Our 365-day Leadership Online Course subscriptions are $49 each.  The student can access the courseware throughout the subscription period.  

ONLINE QUICK START:   To get started, we create a personalized LEARNING PORTAL* complete with your logo, your contact information, and your messages to students.  Each course completes with a post-test (you set the pass/fail threshold) and completion certificate.  The Learning Portal ($150 one-time, set-up fee), among other features, allows you to enroll students and generate Usage Reports that show you who has completed what course plus their pre & post-test scores.  Students can print out a completion certificate once the post-test is successfully passed.

Visit my website to experience a FREE overview of our Leadership Solutions online courseware.

PARTICIPANT WORKBOOKS (Both Printed & Fully Responsive, Digital Mobil Optimized):   Sixteen (of 18) Leadership Curriculum workshops are designed to be taught in a half-day format.  Each content-rich workbook includes targeted Skill Practices, a Manager’s Trouble-Shooting Guide, Planning Guides, Key Topical Readings, Targeted Bibliography, Reinforcement, etc.  Workbooks for our Leadership Solutions titles are $49 per person for content-rich workbooks that are used for classroom delivery and are also useful as an ongoing resource for online learning reinforcement.  Workbooks for Retaining Wining Talent, Hiring Winning Talent (1-day workshops) and Leading Successful Projects (2-day workshop) are $98, $98, and $160 respectively due to their expanded learning content.  These three longer programs can be "chunked" into half-day teaching increments. 

Visit my website to experience a FREE sample of our Leadership Solutions participant workbooks.

BLENDED LEARNING: Each online course is $49 for a 365-day subscription access. Each course includes a pre- and post-test plus a completion certificate. When you purchase a participant workbook and the corresponding online course subscription (at the same time), the subscription is discounted approximately 50%. For example, if the "Effective Discipline" workbook ($49) and the correlating subscription ($49) are purchased together, the "blended" price is $65. Hiring Winning Talent ($49 + $98) blended is $114.

INSTRUCTOR KIT PREVIEW:  You can 21-day preview any title for $35 (plus shipping)--applicable to the purchase price when purchased within 30 days of preview.      

REINFORCEMENT:  All participants & facilitators of our Leadership Solutions Curriculum will have free access to the Vital Learning "Training Boost" AP and Vital Hub (application resources).  The free downloadable AP will enable participants to continually develop and practice their skills over time.  "Training Boost" provides an easy and engaging way to help participants become more comfortable applying their new skills back on the job.  The AP is both web-based (in a browser) and is mobile optimized to work on any device (laptop, tablet, & smart phone).

ACADEMIC COLLEGE CREDIT:  This courseware is also fully accredited for Academic College Credit through the University of Phoenix.  Each course provides approximately .5 academic credit hours. 

INSTRUCTOR KIT PREVIEW:  You can preview (21-day) an entire instructor kit & participant workbook for $35 (plus shipping)--applicable to the purchase price when purchased within 30 days of preview.


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