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Southwest Training Institute Affiliate Benefits

Join our growing network of Affiliate Consultants and increase your business opportunities by becoming an Affiliate today!  As an Affiliate Partner you will have the opportunity for the following:

  • Able to purchase Vital Learning products at wholesale prices
  • Access to marketing materials, e-zines, and webinars for you and your clients
  • Be involved with a network that is built on the expertise of professional trainers, consultants, speakers, mentors and coaches
  • Offer online web-based E-Learning Resources from a logo branded portal
  • Offer Blended (Online + Classroom) curriculum of Leadership Development
  • Offer your clients the option of classroom, online or blended delivery methods
  • Take part in Vital Learning events:  Yearly conference, networking or training sessions

Becoming an Affiliate Partner will greatly expand the products and services that you can provide for your clients.  It allows you to become more of a one-stop shop to meet a larger variety of training & development needs.  These are products that you can deliver or use in satisfying client needs OR you can sell them to the client for their own in-house use.  Affiliate Partnering is a way to duplicate your efforts without having to part with a day of your time, travel to a client location, etc.  This affiliation provides for the use and/or sale of turn-key instructor kits, online courseware, and participant workbooks.

INSTRUCTOR KITS:  Our Leadership Solutions Curriculum includes 19 titles--including our newest titles, "Developing & Coaching Others" and "Retaining Winning Talent".  Our Instructor Kits are 95% complete; the client provides that last 5% to make them targeted for their specific learning objectives. Other instructor kit categories focus on customer service, sales, and employee productivity.

Each Instructor Kit comes with a fully-scripted facilitation guide, interactive Skill Practice segments (that you can customize), targeted Trouble-Shooting Guide, customizable PowerPoint slideshow, "reminder" cards that are useful for effective workplace application, and more.  The instructor Kits are complete "turn-key" with behavioral videos.  Both the Industrial and Office learning formats are included with each Instructor Kit.   All of our learning materials are professionally developed with adult learning theory in mind using quality design elements.  There are NO Mandatory Certification Workshops; optional Train-the-Trainer workshops are available.


Leadership Solutions Curriculum


Essential Skills of Leadership


Essential Skills of Communicating


Improving Work Habits


Effective Discipline


Resolving Conflicts


Communicating Up


Managing Complaints


Developing Performance Goals & Standards


Supporting Change


Coaching Job Skills


Providing Performance Feedback




Motivating Team Members


Solving Workplace Problems


Leading Successful Projects


Hiring Winning Talent


Retaining Winning Talent


Developing & Coaching Others
(Team Leader to Team Member Version)

19 Developing & Coaching Others
(Senior Management Version)

ONLINE COURSEWARE:  Currently, 16 of 19 Leadership titles (titles in Blue) have a "corresponding" set of Online Courses for a genuine Blended Learning capability.  Our entire online courseware library reflects current views and the latest online technology.  Clients use the online courseware as pre-work (to shorten classroom delivery by 50%), for post-classroom reinforcement learning, and/or for a distributed learning audience.  The student can access the courseware throughout the one-year subscription period.

PARTICIPANT WORKBOOKS:   Clients come back to you to purchase participant workbooks on an as-needed basis.  This creates passive sales for you.  Sixteen (of 19) Leadership Curriculum workshops are designed to be taught in a half-day format.  Retaining Wining Talent, Hiring Winning Talent are 1-day workshops and Leading Successful Projects is a 2-day workshop.  These three longer programs can be "chunked" into half-day teaching increments.

CLOUD-BASED VIDEO COURSEWARE:  This courseware family provides videos of varying length (average 10 minutes).  This content is CLOUD-BASED so it is easily accessible anywhere and on any device.  Content is easily managed on a personalized Online Campus Portal or through an existing LMS.  This courseware family is available on any screen, any time!  More than 30 Learning Categories and 600 individual titles through your affiliation. 

The cost to join the Affiliate Program is $4,495 which will include a training boot camp before future Affiliates can sell the programs.  The new boot camp will consist of product sessions with a teach-back segment.  With this Affiliation, you can buy training materials at wholesale and sell at retail. The Affiliate Partner can choose to price the materials to fit the local market condition or can use the suggested retail pricing.  The Vital Learning Affiliate annual renewal is based upon sales revenue. 

There are no mandatory certification workshops.  You will find that this product line is so well built, that, once studied for a few hours, you can deliver an impactful workshop using the many varied turn-key instructor kits and correlating online courses.  Affiliating with a product line such as this immediately "explodes" the offerings that you can make available to your clients through your own delivery, or clients can purchase the training materials and deliver the workshops using their own in-house trainers (creating a passive income stream for the affiliate).

Following are the basic requirements for joining the Southwest Training Institute Affiliate Network:

  1. You must be independently employed, at least on a part time basis, and you must not be in a position to sell products directly to your employer.
  2. You must reside in the U.S. or Canada.
  3. A signed Authorized Distributor Agreement and applicable Distributor fee must be received and accepted by the Host Company. If you are looking for the right way to expand your product and service offerings.


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