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WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Six Thinking Hats--BIG HIT my friend. Great Job!  Get ready for Lateral thinking.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…I would give you an  A ++  for this session--this exceeded all expectations.  I will tell you the most important point for me is that at least three people have already used the Six Hats tools in one of their meetings.

COURSE DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY…I wanted to let you know that the Subject Matter Experts had nothing but good things to say about the training you developed and led in February.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Just another Thank - you for the wonderful communication class yesterday--it has changed my life!  I will use it on a daily basis.

FACILITATION:  Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our leadership retreat.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY:  Thank you so much for the recent training seminar.  You are professional, organized, a joy to listen to, and I truly appreciate the knowledge you have and share with others.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY:  Thank you for the opportunity to attend your program this morning.  It was very good--I really enjoyed it and took away a lot of new ideas.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY:  Just a quick note to thank you for this morning's training session.  I was very impressed with the materials and with your presentation skills.  It was a pleasure meeting you and to learn more about what Southwest Training Institute has to offer.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…I came away from Six Thinking Hats with some real tools that we can use. I saw the impact of logically approaching a meeting by organizing the thought process.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…I think this system of creative thinking and meeting management could be very effective for our organization.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION…Thank you so very much for your contribution to the success of the HR Southwest Conference and Exposition--the evaluations of your session were excellent.  It was a true honor having you represent Human Resources at our Conference.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…This is a great tool.  The entire group will benefit.  Just cutting wasted meeting time is a huge incentive.


PROCESS FACILITATION….Thanks for your contribution to this effort.  Due to your excellent meeting facilitation, the team will be able to carry on now on its own.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…I thought very highly of the training and I would recommend it to other groups as well.......I enjoyed the training and appreciate the opportunity.

DIVERSITY PROGRAM ….You did an outstanding job of program development and presenting the overall program to the Diversity Network--thank you.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…I thought the Six Thinking Hats training was excellent!  I think we should use this method of creative thinking to help us with market planning and strategies, in addition to product development

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…You were an exceptional instructor and facilitator.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION…On behalf of the entire association, I would like to think you for the wonderful program you did for us--it was a smashing success and our members loved it (Fort Worth Human Resource Association)

MEETING FACILITATION….Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!  I want to thank you so much for your meeting facilitation--we really got a LOT accomplished and could not have done it without you providing the structure.

ASTD BEST PRACTICES...Congratulations--This national award is presented for your development of an on-line Level III Training Feedback System.

MEETING FACILITATION….The preparation you did allowed our portion of the workshop to be successful--you saved us many, many hours of work--thanks.

MENTOR-MENTEE PRESENTATION…Our group was very impressed with your presentation.  You did an outstanding and thorough job.  Thanks again for all of your help.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Congratulations on a well-structured and well-presented session.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATION PROGRAM…Thanks again for the Coffee Exchange Communication Program.  This has immensely improved our communication and our relationships.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Best new class in a long time--Six Thinking Hats.


MEETING FACILITATION…Thank you for the masterful work you did as a facilitator and planner in producing this event.

EXECUTIVE COACHING…I found your assistance on the Team Leader Feedback process to be a very pleasing experience.

MEETING FACILITATION…You did an excellent job of arranging, organizing, and facilitating our two focus groups--we learned a lot and accomplished more than we thought possible.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION…We are thrilled that you contributed to the 10th Annual International Conference on Work Teams.  We would like to thank you for the integral part you played that led to the success of the conference

MEETING FACILITATION…I wanted to let you know that I thought the way you handled yesterday's meeting was very positive.  You handled the session with finesse and delicacy, which was exactly what was required.

EXECUTIVE COACHING…I'd like to thank you for facilitating the complete Team Leader Feedback process--it was your usual good job.

PROCESS FACILITATION…You are to be commended for your successful efforts at launching our quality program.  This was not an easy task and you pulled it off without a hitch.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Very knowledgeable--I only wish we had had more time.

AMBASSADOR-NEWCOMER PROGRAM…I am so excited about your Ambassador-Newcomer Program--this is a program that is long overdue.  It will definitely help retain our talent.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…Great job, well prepared.

WORKSHOP DELIVERY…You were exceptional--kept things on task.  Although we had limited time, you never rushed us.


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