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Please fill out your company information, and choose up to ten topics that are most important competencies for the success of your company over the next five years. You may also add your own topics. Once you are finished, please click on submit at the bottom of the page.

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How to solve problems more effectively and make strong, confident decisions quickly and accurately.
How to resolve conflict within teams--how to understand conflict and how to reduce its frequency and impact on your team.
How to understand your values, principles and attitudes, how they shape and impact your behavior.
How to have meetings with fewer arguments, less bickering, and take only half the time.
How does your team innovate and respond to change?
How to be creative on demand; how to think outside the box, how to break out of your paradigm.
What causes stress? How to develop better coping skills to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction.
How to listen effectively and how to adapt your listening style to communicate more effectively with others.
How to work cheaper, faster, better and become more productive both individually and within your work group.
How do you view individual differences and how can you expand your acceptance of those who are unlike you
How to develop and improve customer goodwill; how to handle customer problems and complaints more effectively
How to make great impressions over the phone, how to deal with stressful situations and difficult customers.
How to identify and further develop your personal influence and leadership skills and abilities.
How to understand your own behaviors, and how to better interact with others (even difficult people) by adapting and flexing to the needs of other people.
How to understand and deal with anger (both yours and others) at work and at home.
How to increase your capacity and ability to learn and comprehend knowledge and information.
How to reward and recognize others within the organization.
How to better manage people, performance and process.
How to develop and improve selling strategies and the related customer service.
How to negotiate effectively and efficiently and still achieve win-win outcomes.
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