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20/20® Insight GOLD is one of the world's most versatile feedback tools. With this system, you can set up projects to collect virtually any type of feedback - ideas, thoughts, facts, opinions, ratings or surveys - from any number of people about the performance of an individual, team, a product or service, or even your organization as a whole.

About 20/20® Insight GOLD

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20/20 Insight GOLD: A Complete Solution

20/20® Insight GOLD is the world's first fully integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software. Every step of the process and all the resources you'll need are included in the purchase of the program:

The 360 Smart Kit
The 360 Smart Kit CD is used by people who will facilitate orientation briefings and feedback sessions and by anyone who wants to learn about 360. Click here for more information about the 360 Smart Kit.

System Manager
System Manager organizes and manages all the key functions you will perform with the 20/20® Insight GOLD program. It’s where you name and open feedback project files and where you can browse, customize and add to the resources used in feedback projects, such as survey categories and scales. You’ll also use System Manager to print aggregate reports from multiple projects.

Functional areas in this part of the software include:

  • Projects. Start a new project, open an existing project or use a project template to create a new project.
  • Rosters. Build a roster of participant names by typing them in or importing them from another database.
  • Customization. Customize scales, respondent relationships and summary questions.
  • Survey Library. Open Survey Library and customize over a dozen survey areas, more than 100 categories and hundreds of items.
  • Aggregation. Combine data from different projects to print aggregate reports .

Set Up a Feedback Project
After you create a new project in System Manager, you will set up the new project. This part of the program walks you easily through all steps of completing a project:

Respondent Software
The 20/20® Insight GOLD Administration Software allows you to create respondent software for each person who is providing feedback in a project. You can use a combination of any of the following media when preparing assessments:

Individual Development Planning (IDP)
In addition to getting a printed copy of their reports, feedback recipients will be provided a Self-Development Toolkit-- a stand-alone individual development-planning program that helps them do four things:











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